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Head and blur
December 31, 2009

Would be better if we saw Jethro's face, but isn't the lighting and depth of field magnificent?


Paddling pool concentration
December 29, 2009

Pool time

Granny steals the slide winder!
December 28, 2009

Granny Hijacks Slide Winder

Trapped in the car
December 26, 2009

In the car

Slide Winder is Jethro’s Toy
December 25, 2009

Xmas present. It's an action toy! Jethro uses it as a convenient seat for the more cerebral activity of stacking cups

Testing Sanitation Consumables
December 24, 2009

Tear it all up

Corner Tantrum
December 22, 2009

Annoyed about not being allowed outside

Wild gesturing at Spur
December 21, 2009

Clearly something important -- but I couldn't figure out what the pressing issue was

Just skin
December 20, 2009

Too hot for clothes

Ready to Stomp!
December 19, 2009

Even power-stomping super heroes need a helping hand