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Jethro Makes a YouTube Debut
June 4, 2009

Jethro joins a plethora of other babies, pushing trucks around on YouTube. I feel so common — but the grandparents are sure to lap this stuff up. 😉

I wanted to post it with WordPress’s video service, but they want to charge me $60.00 for the privilege.  I’ll give that a skip, at least until I start my film production company.

Don’t worry. Jethro’s fine.


1 Year and Counting
June 3, 2009

Jethro's Cake was less conventional than expected

Jethro's Cake was less conventional than expected

Angie and I are rather proud of ourselves because we’ve managed to keep the little sprog alive, well and kicking (and now even walking, although only just a step or two at a time).

Jethro’s birthday flew by on Wednesday the 27th. Parties were scheduled for Saturday — two parties.

Um. Yes. Two parties. This doesn’t count the poker party I attended the same evening, but that’s another story that lies more at home in the Waffle Group.

At first we thought we’d have one epic party, inviting everyone imaginable. When everyone imaginable numbered over 35 people, we re-evaluated our plan and decided on only family.

But now, without the additional people to dilute the potential friction between Angie’s formerly married parents, we ran the risk of a most unpleasant birthday celebration. Our risk assessment complete, we opted for two parties, accepting the costs of additional admin in exchange for the benefits of a pleasant day.

It worked — with my parents obligingly agreeing to attend both parties in order to give each party a seal of authenticity. My mother even procured two Number One cakes — one cake for each party. Both cakes were similarly inaccurate in their depiction of the numeral under consideration, but both cakes were rather delicious. I ate a little too much cake that day, and there were sugar-rush/peculiar dressing implications.

I’ve split the pics into three galleries.

  1. Before the party.
  2. The first party — featuring Bill.
  3. The second party — featuring Sandy and Winnie (and Megan who declared herself family, but we don’t mind)


Jethro’s 1st Birthday
Jethro’s Birthday — Party 1
Jethro’s Birthday — Party 2