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Hercules is Intense
July 17, 2010

It's all Greek. Got to concentrate

As I post these pictures it becomes obvious to me that Jethro has been watching a lot more video media lately than is usually the case.

Moving to another country is an exhausting endeavour, and looking after and entertaining a child is equally exhausting. I’m willing to call this recent parenting cop-out to the DVD-Video nanny a reasonable measure for retaining sanity in these trying times.


The Baby-Industrial Complex
January 5, 2009

There are some things that I’ve meant to write about that I just haven’t really had time to capture. At some point in the past, before Jethro made his appearance, I think I complained about the evil of pram travel-system branding. But some details were missed out and other marketing injustices omitted.

Collateral Damage does an entertaining job of covering all the key points I’ve been too lazy to address. I think you guys will like it. Give it a click.

There has been some growing in the last few months
October 8, 2008

I was just looking through some of my photos. I almost haven’t noticed how big he’s getting.

Also, he’s a lot more impressed with smooshed-up banana than he was with the porridge of our previous feeding attempt. There are angry cries now when the banana supply runs out, and we provide the milk instead.

“Milk? I want banana, dammit!”

It’s difficult to explain that he can’t have a whole banana yet. Banana consumption was only initiated on Friday.

P.S. Thanks for the suggestion Darb.

XKCD on parenting
June 26, 2008

Bad parenting advice from XKCD

What do infants want?
June 19, 2008

Who knows? I thought “what do women want?” was a tough question.

Jethro is born
May 28, 2008

There is a long story, but I’m too tired.

Photos will hopefully do for now.

The Birthing Options Video
April 24, 2008

On Tuesday was the evening of the birthing options video at the ante-natal class.

We chickened out. As I mentioned before, one can be too well-informed. We decided to retain a little ignorance.

Tiny-Human Travel Device
January 20, 2008

The first major baby-related purchase has been made.

Graco Mirage Plus and Stepford Wife

We bought last year’s model (gasp! How are we going to keep up with the Jones now?) which is why I can’t seem to find the model on the Graco Travel Systems page.

I assembled the thing once we got it home. sticking the wheels on and so forth. It made me feel rather responsible and fatherly. An unusual sensation, but one I rather enjoyed.