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Mad Kicking Skills
March 1, 2008

Jethro seems to be really good at kicking the insides of his mother, and he likes to do it to a deep base beat.

This morning we tried playing him some music by placing the head-phones directly on Angie’s stomach. He liked that quite a bit, and starting throwing out some wild kicking.

It wasn’t really surprising that he would respond to music. We were in Cape Town briefly for a wedding, and ended up staying at a guest house on Beach Road, Seapoint. The fog rolled in and  the ships started blasting on their foghorns. At first it seemed quite quaint and endearing, but that was before we went to bed, having to get up at 4am the next morning to catch our flight back to Joburg.

The foghorns called out to us all night, and were still resounding deeply when we got up to drive to the airport.
Jethro rather liked them. Every time the horns blew he gave an enthusiastic kick to Angie’s insides. Since we didn’t know that he was a boy at the time, and weren’t calling him Jethro, we decided to nickname him Foghorn.

I’m rather looking forward to embarrassing him somehow with the Foghorn moniker sometime in the future.