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Jethro picks a fight. Gets a bite.
May 5, 2009

Lurking behind a door

Lurking behind a door

I thought I published this a month ago. Seems it’s been sitting in drafts all this time. I was surprised there had been no comments. Fixed now. Happy reading.

One wouldn’t think that something as cute as the munchkin holding on to the door in the picture would be causing trouble at crèche.

That’s pretty much how we saw things, until we received an injury report from Tiny Town.

I wasn’t alarmed to discover that there was such a thing as an injury report. We have, after all, been receiving a daily log sheet ever since Jethro first started going to crèche. The daily log includes charming input fields such as “Number 1’s” and “Number 2’s ,” where the teacher on duty checks the time at which said excretory output occurred.  We encourage Jethro to save the Number 2’s for the crèche, but he doesn’t always cooperate.

The alarming thing wasn’t the injury report itself because accidents do happen and it’s good the parents are informed, it was rather that “Bite” is such a common injury as to have its own place on the list of possibilities, along side the more expected “Cut,” Bruise,” and “Graze.”

I found the injury report thing quite amusing  (have a look at it below). From my perspective, Jethro was pulling a little girl’s hair, and received fair retaliation for his efforts (he doesn’t have enough hair at the moment for the girl to pull back on). Angie didn’t see it that way. She went all motherly and defensive, vowing to kick the little girl the following day when she collected Jethro. A little morally reprehensible, I thought.

Angie calmed down though, and even if she hadn’t, I’m completely certain that she wouldn’t take to drop-kicking infants about the crèche playground. It would probably get Jethro thrown out of Tiny Town, and then we’d have to look for another crèche — and that would be real pain. And they’d probably warn the other crèches about us, so we’d have to move to another city and look for other jobs.

What actually happened when Angie returned to the crèche was that she discussed the situation with the teachers. It seems that Alexia and Jethro are a little obsessed with each other, and seem to like chasing one another around, with resultant hair-pulling and arm-biting. Certainly Jethro is instigating mischief as much as anyone involved.

Chasing after the ladies already? He’s going to need to refine his technique a little though, unless biting is what he’s looking for.

Injury Report. With Biting!

Injury Report. With Biting!

Daily log sheet (Why no No.2's Jethro?)

Daily log sheet (Why no No.2's Jethro?)


Taking Disposable Nappies to the Logical Conclusion
May 4, 2009

Disposable Baby

Just in case you assume I’m being a bad parent — proof that he liked it.

He liked it, okay?