Painting the Piggy Bank
September 3, 2011

Why are all banks not as colourful as in Jethro’s vision?

Colourfully painted piggy bank

To see Jethro in action while creating his investment masterpiece, follow this link.


Sail Boat – Water-based paint on recycled paper
May 22, 2011

More artwork by the talented Jethro Robinson.

My opinion my suffer from some genetic bias though.

Whale Catching a Fish in the Red Sea. With Foots
March 1, 2011

A lengthier title than the other paintings have. I did apply a little of my own discretion in helping Jethro choose the name.

This started of with Jethro pointing out the fish tail and fish mouth (the tail is the isolated blue stroke right of the centre, the mouth is somewhere in the rest of the blue mass). Then large looping strokes encompassed the fish mouth, which Jethro described as “whale catching a fish.” Then he wanted to switch to red paint, in order to paint a “red sea,”  which you can see along the bottom of the picture.

The curved array of red triangle “foots” running across the top of the page were added at the end.

February 28, 2011

Jethro didn’t volunteer a title for this one, despite my prompting.

I suppose it should be obvious — it’s his hand- and fingerprints.

Self Portrait of Jethro
February 27, 2011

When I asked Jethro what this one was, he said, “Jethro! Jethro!”

I confirmed by asking, “Is it a picture of you?”

He said that it was.

In case you are wondering, the label with the gold text is part of the artwork

Making a Fish
February 26, 2011

Jethro named this himself. I asked what he was painting, and he said, “Making a fish.”

My favourite part of painting with him is when he triumphantly declares, “Is finished,” hands the painted page to me, and demands the next clean sheet to start work on his next masterpiece.