Just another portrait of Jethro

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Sail Boat — Mixed media

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Yesterday’s post showed you Jethro’s Sail Boat painting. This one he also named Sail Boat. Definitely something he was focussed on that day. Perhaps this represents a small flotilla of boats?

Oblique angle

Aerial view

Sail Boat – Water-based paint on recycled paper

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More artwork by the talented Jethro Robinson.

My opinion my suffer from some genetic bias though.

Jethro and Jen in the Park

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Edinburgh Science Festival provided a cut-out NASA spacesuit for sticking your face into

Eventually He Can Do All the Housework

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Our plans for turning our child into indentured servant are proceeding nicely.

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Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter happened recently. There were chocolate eggs. There was hunting of chocolate eggs. There was gouging upon the eggs, and then there was endless sugar high.

Normal, painted eggs next year. Seriously.

Wishing for Autumn

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A gripping tale of a child’s quest to reach for his dreams. Based on a true story.

I’ll have to admit to feeling a little pretentious about this.

Filmed on my cell phone. Edited in Pitivi.

Contemplation of Stones is Thirsty Work

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Jethro vs The Wickets

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