Digital Artwork by Jethro

Because I am a Linux and opensource software nut, and because I have a young child, I know about Tux Paint.

Even if you are not a geek, but you do have a young child, it is worthwhile discovering Tux Paint. Go download it now. It works on all the usual operating systems.

Jethro is starting to get the hang of it now. What follows is a collection of his efforts. I just let him do everything himself — no parental guidance or coaxing.

There is also a competition. Tell me which of the masterpieces I should submit as an entry.


7 Responses

  1. I love this. Why have I not heard of Tux Paint before! This one gets my vote – 20110808084616. I’d put that on my wall. Good stuff Jethro. x

    • “Why have I not heard of Tux Paint before!”

      Perhaps you are not a geek? Thanks for your feedback.

  2. 20110726181149 is the best. I only draw penises. Or skulls or pentagrams.

    • Dave — I’m not sure how seriously to take your vote, but thanks anyway.

  3. Choices choices, bombarded with choices. You know how difficult that is for me. Too difficult to choose one, I like many of them for different reasons but 20110808084616, 20110808093058, 20110301084801, are the most colorful, inn my opinion. Now the ball is in your court. Ma

    • Is this a spoilt vote, or do I allow you have 3 votes because you laboured to bring me into the world?

      Three votes it is. Long live nepotism!

  4. […] votes from various sources for the digital painting competition entry have been added […]

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